Handheld terminal PDA

What is Handheld Terminal PDA?

What is Handheld Terminal PDA?

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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A handheld terminal PDA or Personal Data Assistant is a device that works like a mobile manager of personal information. They are available in various types to do various types of functions like handheld barcode readers and RIFD scanners can help you in keep record of your operations and assets. Due to their availability with different features they can be used in wide range of fields including logistics and transport, industrial manufacturing, inventory management, retail marketing, warehouse management, order management and asset management etc.

These lightweight handheld compact devices can practically be used for different types of tasks ranging from simple tasks like locating items, checking price, scanning signatures, parsing ID cards and Licences to complicated tasks like inventory management etc.

Types of handheld PDA terminal

Some of the different types of handheld terminals PDA available in the market are briefly described here under for your consideration. You can choose from them to use as per your requirements.

1D / 2D Scanner

This PDA terminal can be connected to a compatible mobile device through Bluetooth to make it ready to use. After connecting it with your mobile device one can use it as single unit as well as in standalone mode by keeping your mobile device in your pocket.


This handheld terminal PDA can be used to improve productivity, customer services and operational efficiency in a business premise as it easily captures codes and tags at faster speed. This lightweight compact device can be used for reading and writing RFID tags and knowing the capacity of mobile computing devices with touchscreen.


Business owners install this handheld PDA terminal at their warehouses, retail stores, offices and healthcare facilities to read tags to get complete information of the product concerned. Entrepreneurs can also use this PDA terminal to convert their various types of mobile devices into a RFID reader. Some of the high performance, industrial grade handheld rugged RFID readers can also helps in providing accurate and top class range of reading and scanning tags.


Some of the general purpose RFID scanners available in the market can be used as both RFID reader as well as a 1D/2D barcode scanner. At times they can also be used as hand-free or handheld UHF RFID readers.


Some of the companies manufacturing handheld PDA terminals also manufacture mobile computers compatible with various options of Windows operating systems. Main benefits of these mobile computers include reliable adaptability and unmatched performance while using with handheld terminals in different types of environments.

Fixed RFID Tag readers

You can also find various types of Fixed RFID tag readers in the market which can be used for different types of functions. They can provide one stop solution for all of your tag reading requirements. These fixed tag Readers can read tags as per their capabilities and configurations. Some of them are known for their exceptionally high performance as they can track and move your RFID tagged pallets, items and cases accurately and fast. They can also be used ideally in the environments having high number of tags, RF challenging materials and when high amount of products are to be scanned.

Some of the fixed RFID tag readers include advanced radio technology of RFID to read tags at higher rate, faster and more accurately. They perform consistently even in challenging conditions. In order to make these RFID tag readers more efficient a new technology is used with a flexible network of Linux to allow the open-standard interfaces and tools work collectively to make the deployment of back-end applications and RFID fast and easy.

Uses of various types of handheld PDA terminals

Uses of some of the handheld PDA terminals like 1D 2D Barcode scanner, UHF RFID Reader, HF LF 125K RFID Reader, NFC, Finger print Reader and Printer for POS etc. are briefly described here under. It will help you to choose a suitable one as per your requirements.

1D/2D barcode scanner

1D/2D PDA barcode scanners include various types of handheld devices ranging from pocket-sized to devices with full keyboard. They are also available in different models including terminals with pistol like handle, industrial PDAs, middleware SW solutions and Vehicle Mounted computers etc. They can surely be used by the ultimate users in following the standards of the industry with high level of openness and compatibility.

An auto-ID PDA scanner can provide everything required by the businesses from a rugged outdoor mobile computing device at a reasonable price to make mobile computing more affordable for a critical mission.


These handheld PDA terminals can be used for reading tags from a distance of 1-1 � metre distance attached to clothing at a chain of stores or goats in livestock farm.

HF LF 125K RFID Reader

These are low frequency RFID readers that interrogate with RFID tags in a close proximity. The reading range of these devices is 10 cm which can be extended up to 1 meter in special cases. Due to its low frequency of 125 kHz its sensitivity to interference of radio waves also becomes low and for that reason these readers are usually used in the places where water and metal are present. They can also be used for upgrading existing installations. They can also help in uploading Ids of the tags wirelessly through Bluetooth to your computers or in real time on handhelds. For this reason it is ideally used for ensuring security of the product. It can also help in protecting your products from water and shock.


This handheld terminal PDA keeps your workers on the road or in the office connected with your 3 or 4G network to know their locations through GPS and Wi-Fi. By integrating it with 4.0 Bluetooth it can be used for close transmission of data.

Finger print Reader

This handheld device can be used widely in ATMs, mobile phone, tablets and even in elections in US President etc.

Printer for POS

It can be used in supermarket chains, restaurants, convenience stores, clothing store, premises and bakeries by the cashier to enter sales and keeping record of payments to manage a business effectively.

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